Leadership Skills and Team Management Masterclass

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Leadership is often seen as an elusive or complex skill, but with this practical course you’ll soon have it mastered. Whether you’re managing a small team or an entire business this course will build essential skills for your time management, team motivation, and personal happiness. Leadership is an essential skill at home, at work, and in every stage of your career. If you’re in charge of two or more people at work, this course could change your life.

This Leadership course covers everything you need to know from delegating and motivating, differing leadership styles, keeping your finger on the pulse, and planning the future of your business. It looks at lots of real life examples (some of which will definitely get you laughing) and gives practical tools you can use right away to get better results.

The course overview includes:

  • What makes a great leader
  • How to motivate teams and personalise your approach
  • Which common mistakes will instantly crush your credibility
  • Creating the perfect balance of delegating and monitoring
  • Building confidence and skills into your employees
  • Key academic theories made practical
  • Why being replaceable is a good thing
  • And lots lots more!
  • By becoming great at leadership, not only will you pave the way for future promotion, you’ll also have a better work/life balance, and a much happier team.


  1. Introduction: What is a Leader
  2. What Makes a Great Captain?
  3. Everything is Management’s Fault
  4. Connecting With Your Team
  5. Addressing the Troops
  6. Are Great Leaders Born or Made?
  7. What is a Leader? Quiz
  8. Cluster 1 Fundamentals of Motivation Techniques
  9. Maslow
  10. Maslow Applied
  11. The Management Potato
  12. 4 Types of People
  13. Motivational Essentials
  14. Motivation Quiz
  15. Cluster 2: Powering-up Your leadership style
  16. How Much Control Should You Keep?
  17. The Management Continuum
  18. The Seagull
  19. Leadership Styles Quiz
  20. Cluster 3 Delegating
  21. Are You Brave Enough?
  22. Delegating is Great!
  23. Objections to Delegating
  24. Would You Be Missed?
  25. Cushion Story
  26. How to Delegate – The Specifics
  27. Don’t Take the Monkey
  28. Delegating Quiz
  29. Cluster3 Advanced techniques for managing People
  30. Are Your People Competent AND Motivated?
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