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The Business Startup Academy


  • The Academy targets higher potential students and ambitious entrepreneurs, and supports those participants who have an entrepreneurial mind, but might not have developed their ideas or business plans fully. It is therefore the stage of ideation the Academy supports, exposing the entrepreneurs to new ways to create companies and jobs.
  • It opens up their minds to see opportunities for value adding, niche markets, export, goods and services in supply chains, and also the possibilities in social & green entrepreneurship and marketing and sales.
  • The Academy has a unique, interdisciplinary approach. Doing business and starting your own company is viewed from a broader perspective: politics and the role of the government are taken into account and the academy also focuses on enhancing the social responsibility of an entrepreneur.
  • Furthermore, communication and marketing are seen as integral elements of a business plan. Basically, at the Academy participants are confronted with all sides of entrepreneurship. The Academy tries to walk various – and often different – paths in order to inspire and sharpen the minds of the potential entrepreneurs.

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An online leadership development program at Masterstudy LMS.



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