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Cluster 1: Generating Startup Ideas Out of Problems

Participants explore typical situations in their everyday life where they might spot opportunities for user innovations revealing how first-level innovations often begin at home.

  • Identify instances of user innovation around you
  • Explore typical situations to begin conceptualizing a user innovation
  • Generate and analyze 10 opportunities for entrepreneurial innovation
  • Case studies – videos

Cluster 2: Solving Problems and Skills Assessment

Participants assess their skills and select one idea that they think they can address by way of diffusion-the process by which a new idea or product is accepted into the market.

  • Solve real-time issues by way of user innivations
  • Submit 1 idea and present skills relevant for a solution
  • Select final idea and form final groups

Cluster 3: Market Segmentation and Customer Personas

This module focuses on market segmentation and how participants can perform a “beachhead” analysis- identifying the primary set of target customers.

  • How to rapidly develop and test ideas by gathering quick customer feedback
  • Tools to successfully launch your venture including Lean Canvas
  • Apply principles of market segmentation
  • Conduct primary research to determine ideal customer market
  • Choose one primary market to focus on the “beachhead” market

Who’s Buying: Identifying and Profiling Your Customers

In this module, participants learn to develop end user profiles and customer personas that will help them target their customers effectively.

  • Develop end-user profiles, or customer personas
  • Estimate the total addressable market size

Cluster 4 : Bullseye: Offering the Right Value Proposition

This module covers the essentials of defining product specifications and estimating the quantified value proposition that will help a company position itself effectively.

  • Understand the full life cycle use case
  • Design high-level product specifications
  • Estimate the quantified value proposition
  • Chart a competitive position
  • Understand the Decision Making Unit (DMU)
  • Develop a pricing framework
  • Map a sales process

Cluster 5: The Pitch: Bringing Ideas to Center Stage

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All you need to feel prepar
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