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Introduction to Financial Modelling

To provide participants with an understanding of financial modeling and enable them to develop robust financial models using Excel to make better investment decisions.
by maan barazy
6 Lessons
0 Students


This course will teach you how to use two years of historical income statement data and two years of historical balance sheet data to build a fully integrated financial statement model. It is designed for those new to financial model

What You’ll Learn

First:  will introduce the accounting equation and the three primary financial statements in the context of building a financial model. The content starts with the accounting equation, which is the single most important concept in accounting. The remaining subclusters introduce the financial statements one at a time with a focus on the relationships that are important as you build financial models.

Second: will walk through integrating the three primary financial statements and creating a five-year projection. The first video provides a quick overview of the process. It is an easier process to grasp if thought of as a series of steps. It will also make it easier to measure progress as you work through the longer video. The video in Lecture 2 will walk you through the process of building the model cell by cell.

A financial model has become a critical tool used by organizations to understand business risks and make important strategic decisions. An effective model is robust and flexible, yet user-friendly so that it can be used to analyze the impact of operational parameters on the value and viability of a business.

With a good understanding of the key steps involved in financial modeling, participants will be able to build a well-structured and robust model and use it to solve important business problems. Participants will able to appreciate the use of the financial model as a powerful tool to communicate complex financial analyses and simulation results to stakeholders.

This workshop will cover the basic financial modeling principles, best practices in financial modeling and excel functions frequently used in models. Participants will also learn how to use model auditing tools to check for model errors. Learning is achieved via practical examples and group discussions which reinforce the theory; case studies and Excel-based exercises which allows participants to have hands-on experience with financial models.


Cluster 1: Financial Modelling Overview

Understand the common uses of financial models and the key design considerations of a model. Understand that a financial model is comprised of 3 distinct sections, namely data inputs, calculations […]

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