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eCommerce for Entrepreneurs Master Class

The eCommerce Master Class - Online branding a nd eCommerce Strategy for eMarketers’ workshop was designed to provide a step by step guide for the design, development and integration of an online sales channel within an organization
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6 Lessons
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  • How Social Media is being used for eCommerce
  • How to engage with customers through Mobile eCommerce with mobile apps
  • Building your Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter marketing strategies
  • Location-based eCommerce
  • eCommerce and Social Shopping – new influencers, voucher offers
  • Market Research for E-commerce
  • Develop Products for E-commerce
  • Write Sales Copy for E-commerce
  • Set-up and Automate Your Business

 Introducing the eCommerce Master Class

Attendees will explore the impact of e-commerce as it relates specifically to their customers, employees and business systems. Their analysis will be used as input into the design development phase of the planning process. After a discussion of the components of e-Commerce, the workshop concludes with a discussion of best practices and the development of a project timeline.

Social Media for eCommerce Master Class

What Is E-Commerce?

  • How Does It Work?
  • How Could It Benefit You?
  • What Could You Sell Online And To Whom?
  • What Type Of E-Commerce Is Right For You?
  • How Might E-Commerce Change Your Business?

Advanced Techniques the Where about of eCommerce

  • New Digital Trends Including NFC payments, Voice Search, VR, Chatbots
  • Enhancing the Mobile Shopping Experience
  • AI applications
  • Executing a successful cross-channel marketing campaign
  • The evolving skills set of an eCommerce team
  • Building brand credibility 


Cluster 2: Ecommerce Basics

11.40- 14.00 pm On-line services, products, references What currently sells on-line and what the future holds On-line selling strategies Internet marketing Costing an e-commerce site Finding profit Current B2B, B2C […]

Cluster 3: Understanding eCommerce Models

Closing session (Day one) CASES STUDIES  and PRESENTATION OF  SOCIAL  WEB STRATEGIES BOOSTING eCommerce and Impact Analysis Business Models: eServices Business Models: issues Impact Analysis – What does it mean? […]

Cluster 5: Ecommerce And Social Media

DAY TWO 9.00 – 10.30 pm Case study: the linked versus liquid strategy - Coca-Cola  Understanding How It Affects Brands And Businesses Understanding The Network Economy Case Studies - Good […]

Cluster 6: SEO for eCommerce

11.30 – 14.00 SEO for e-commerce is different. Companies that sell products and services on the web face unique challenges that impact their search rankings. For example, when products expire, […]

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