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Disrupt Lebanon 2018

Disrupt Lebanon 2018 helps investors and founders cut through the noise to make the right connections with the right people. It’s a Network Event that connects founders and investors based on their specific criteria, goals, and interests. This gives founders and investors a more efficient, productive way to find each other.
by maan barazy
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At Disrupt Lebanon 2018 you can expect the content on the Main Stage to represent emerging trends in the business of technology and bring the headlines to your research and food for thoughts for further development projects and networking. That’s the reason that over 1000 delegates have attended our conferences last year! Because you hear it here first. Our Events have always been about game-changing founders, startups, and technologies, and you’ll hear live, in conversation with researcher editors, from the top players in the Startup Community

Key topics for Disrupt Lebanon 2018 include:

  • Investing In Tomorrow Disruptions Digitalisation In Financial Services And Current
  • IOT and AI for Smart Cities: Creating cities as living innovation labs – the Infrastructure and Citizen Debacle insights and recommendations
  • Alternative means of Finance – Investors’ Capital And ME Investor
  • Lebanon Entrepreneurial Case Studies From Tech And Creative Sectors
  • Under The Spotlight: Crypto Currencies = Safe Heaven Or Time Bomb
  • The Risks And Opportunities Of Technology
  • The Status Of Fintech And Virtual Currency Use In The Region
  • The Value Of AI – Blockchain and other game changers

For startup leaders, investors, and other ecosystem stakeholders, the summit is expected to provide data-driven insights to inform strategic decisions as to locations and guide actions to mitigate ecosystem weaknesses.

At Disrupt Lebanon 2018, you’ll be able to find programming across different tech disruptive stages Above all Disrupt Lebanon 2018  will showcase a dynamic programme delivered by esteemed professionals like you. Compelling speakers and dynamic moderators are carefully selected to prompt discussion and challenge the status quo. Disrupt Lebanon 2018 will be delivering showcase indicators and as a first a sector mapping of Lebanon startups community.

Topics presented at At Disrupt Lebanon 2018 promise a take away of:

  • Global rankings and benchmarks on key factors such as funding, technology, talent, market reach, entrepreneurs white proper corporate involvement, ambition, overall performance, and more.
  • A snapshot of Lebanon and Entrepreneur-specific data that highlights the ecosystem’s current state.
  • Trend essays that address the global connectedness of startup founders, concentration of respective value creation
  • Profile investments
  • Investment sectors profiles and innovation achievements

Also, at stake interactive workshops, networking and companies from all aspects of the ecosystem but focused Networking will be designed to facilitate the right connections by bringing together people who’ll help each other level up. Our attendees are talented, driven and focused and whether you’re looking for funding, a key hire, a partner or an investment, we’ve created multiple tools to help you connect with the right people efficiently and effectively.


14. 5:00PM – 5:50PM Ecogreen Entrepreneurship

 Launching a clustering assessment of Lebanon eco- development approach  Funding Green TECH!  Exploring investment opportunities Moderator: Mrs. Aleen Zakka- CEO Branding strategist and Founder of Net2work Solutions […]

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