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Digital Versus Smart-Demo Day For AI Startups

by admin09
5 Lessons
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Spotlight on a Road Map For Enabling Digital Opportunities and Building A National Digital Development Plan Consensus

: Fostering Trust In The Digital Era – Online Content Regulation

  • The Impact Of The GDPR And Data Protection Laws – A Cross-Country Examination
  • Regulation At The Age Of Online Platform-Based Economy
  • Blockchain And The Future Of The Internet’s Governance
  • Exploring Spreads Of Rumors And Its Innovative Governance
  • To Regulate Or Not To Regulate, That Is The Question
  • Open Data: Extending Open Contracting For A Better Governance
  • Holding Algorithms Accountable To Protect Fundamental Rights
  • The Internet of People And the Next Generation Internet
    • Challenges & The Necessities Of The Next Generation Internet
    • Digital(Internet+) Addiction As A Issue Of Future Generation
    • Iot And AI – Addressing Digital Inclusion And Accessibility
    • Emerging Youth Practices And The Digital Economy
    • The Internet And Jobs: Preparing Gen YZ For Future Of Work
    • How Digital Industry Can Achieve The Sustainable Development Goals?
      Entrepreneur’s Talk The Digital Citizen
      Scalability Matters – Digitization for SMES Understanding the New IT Tech Environment of SMEs and institutional drivers
      Entrepreneurs talk: Digitization – “Reaching an iT Survival Kit
    • Technologies for SMEs Industrialists – an IT survival kit – Sector Analysis White Papers
    • Case Study Advancements in Technology : Challenges for the Food Industry
    • Case Study Advancements in Technology : Challenges for the Fashion and Luxury industry
  • Presentation Of Research Outcome – Entrepreneurs Ventures Network HOLDING Mapping Out The SME And Entrepreneurship Investment Climate In Lebanon



Length: 130 minutes

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All you need to feel prepar
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