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Lebanon New Framework of Data Management and Business Intelligence

by admin09
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Data Governance and Compliance is the specification of decision rights and an accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in the valuation, creation, storage, use, archiving and deletion of information. It includes the processes, roles, standards and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information in enabling an organization to achieve its goals. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into law across Europe in 2018 and will lead to major changes to Privacy and Data Protection around the world.

This course provides participants with in-depth knowledge in Data Governance, Privacy and Data Protection, and practical skills to help manage, plan, support, analyze, deliver and support an ever-growing volume of data and information within their organizations.  The course addresses international best practices, address industry regulations, legal requirements, information compliance, auditing and cybersecurity standards.

More specifically, the course covers best practices and international standards including ISACA, ISO 8000 – International Data Management Standards, Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Big Data, Database, Data Warehouse, Reporting, Information Compliance, Data Security based on ISO27001 – Information Security, Master Data Management (MDM), Metadata Management & Records Management Compliance.  The course also reviews Privacy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and references cases of major data breaches such as Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

As part of the course, participants conduct group and individual exercises and learn from industry best practice case studies. The best practice can be applied to improve data management within their own organizations.


International Data Management Standards

  Introduction to Data Governance and Management Managing Structured and Unstructured Data Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) Master Data Management (MDM) ISO 8000 - Information and Data Quality Data Management Skills […]

Compliance, Regulations, Data Security and ISO 27001

Data Governance Management Standards and Compliance ISACA Auditing Standards General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy Document and Records Management Compliance ISO27001 Information Security and Cyber Security

Analysis, Analytics, Mining and Reporting

  Data Analysis Data Modelling Data Analytics Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Data Mining Management Reporting Business Process Modelling Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs)  

Data Governance IT Solutions

  Enterprise Content Management Systems Document and Records Management Data Dictionary, Data Analysis and Data Mining Relational Databases and Indexing Archiving and Preservation  

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