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50 Sales Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Planning and creating an effective sales strategy requires looking at long-term sales goals and analyzing the business sales cycle, as well as meeting with sales people about their personal career goals. Going through these exercises helps business owners and managers gain a more intimate knowledge of the sales intervals, seasonal changes and what motivates the sales team.
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  • Know how to use the art of pressure in order to influence people
  • Understand the needs and wants of customers and how to do proper customer management
  • Know how to apply the 5 rules of sales success 
  • Know how to come with closing strategies and fallback positions
  • Understand how storytelling works and you will be capable of using storytellingin order to generate more sales
  • Map out sales calls effectively upfront and succeed at telephone sales 

 Who is the target audience

  • Entrepreneurs who want to generate more sales for their existing product
  • Sales people who want to broaden their skills and take their sales to a higher level
  • Online sales people who want to scale their online sales massively

 Learning objectives

  • Know how to use the art pf pressure in order to influence people effectively know how to apply the 5 rules of sales success in a real-world environment
  • Understand the need and wants of customers and how to do customer management
  • Map out sales calls effectively upfront and succeed at one on one telephone sales
  • Know how to work together with other people in a sales team

What is Sales Strategies?

A sales strategy consists of a plan that positions a company’s brand or product to gain a competitive advantage. Successful strategies help the sales force focus on target market customers and communicate with them in relevant, meaningful ways. Sales representatives need to know how their products or services can solve customer problems. A successful sales strategy conveys this so that the sales force spends time targeting the correct customers at the right time.

Businesses employ one of two basic types of sales strategies to their overall plan: direct or indirect. With the direct sales strategy, sales people attack the competition head on when talking to the customer. They talk about each feature of the competition’s product and compare it to theirs. The term “negative selling” refers to the direct sales approach. Indirect sales approaches apply more subtle techniques by demonstrating features and benefits not available with the competition’s products or services without ever mentioning them by name. This more sophisticated, positive sales strategy requires research and analysis of the competition.



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